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Friday, November 18, 2011

Humanising Customer Centricity: Informatica's Social Media and Master Data Management (MDM)

Informatica's Social Media and Master Data Management (MDM) demo provides an organisation with a nice vantage point to increase productivity and humanise the customer experience. As social media becomes more pervasive in the daily lives of everyday consumers, organisations will need to provide for a customer experience that fosters intuitive relationships with consumers.

The demo captures the spirit of natural tendencies that can often be taken for granted. It humanises the face of an organisation ensuring it is better equipped to improve the customer experience by enabling it to relate a customer’s off-premise persona to what is already known about a customer on-premise. It provides an organisation with a window into how customers that are more connected discover, communicate and share based on their social graph and interest.

As digital technology continues to accelerate economic change, a critical factor of competitive advantage is an organisation’s ability to humanise its social web presence, learn how to listen and adapt. The future business will need to ensure its cultural dynamics are continuously in tune with consumers’ behaviour which are triggering market shifts in business. The inability of organisations to adapt with consumer behaviour will ultimately impact the customer experience and the bottom-line.

Organisations that are winning in this new reality have recognised this is a time when customers can work with you not just against you. This social media and master data management (MDM) demo is a reflection of this new reality. It shows how organisations will conduct future business, humanising their band as they fluidly interact with customers seamlessly and transparently.

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Seth Grimes said...

Thanks for sharing the link. I viewed the Informatica recording, and I have remark, either I misunderstand the meaning of "master data" or Informatica is way misusing the term. What the recording terms "master data," I'd simply call data and profile records.


Torrance Mayberry said...

Thanks for the comment. The meaning of Master Data is definitely becoming more encompassing and ubiquitous.