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Monday, November 14, 2011

Building An Effective Business Case For MDM:

Agree, nicely summarised. The findings highlight important factors organisations ought to consider and reinforces the point that smart business fundamentals never change.

The aspect that I found of interest was the point raised about nailing the business case on the first try. As I reflected on this point it brought back memories of a past experience where, at the world’s largest hotel company, we nailed the business case on the first try.

Before examining the Return on Investment (ROI) that was achieved let me first take note of an important question we faced. It is a question that most organisations around the world today face. That is, how to outline in a business case the effective use of enterprise data? and not just one’s own data, but all the data that is available and relevant. This was one of the salient questions we had to wrestle with.

To address the question a holistic approach was taken during the construction of the business case. The organisation had to adopt a data centric culture to enable it to focus on the big picture and the big problem.


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